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SOLD Waterman Thorobred with Superflex IDEAL nib

Waterman Thorobred. A compact model from Waterman probably made in the 1940's with of course, beautiful celluloid. What I don't recall ...


SOLD Waterman Taperite with Medium Stub nib

Waterman Taperite is Waterman's answer to Parker 51. I always thought they are odd ducks, until I write with this pen. It feels solid and nice ...


SOLD Conklin Crescent with Waterman Superflex Nib

It's rare that you see two famous brands in one pen. I present to you, a Conklin "Crescent" pen body with a really flexible Waterman ...


SOLD Waterman flex nib on a Faceted Wearever

If you want a good vintage flex for below $100, this is your chance. In 1930's Wearever made excellent pen bodies that today can serve to host ...


SOLD Waterman no.52 with IDEAL flexible nib

The famous Waterman no.52 with the famous IDEAL New York flexible nib.

Cosmetics: Slightly ...


SOLD Waterman Stalwart Blue with IDEAL Nib

A Canadian Waterman Stalwart. A very neat and almost pocketable pen and that blue celluloid is quite a stunner. There are loss on the trim ...


SOLD Vintage Waterman IDEAL no. 92 with Fine Flex

This one is a beauty cosmetically. The deep green-moss swirl pattern is really classy-looking when combined with the clean ...


SOLD No-Brand Red Black with Waterman IDEAL nib

Condition: Restored, new ink sac. A no-brand but very pretty Red-Black striped pen. Nice size about 5 inches capped with all the trims ...


SOLD Waterman Stalwart with Conklin Toledo Nib

Condition: Restored, new ink sac, very nice writer, clear barrel imprint

Nib: Conklin Toledo nib (F) firm with a smiling face


SOLD Waterman Commando

Condition: Restored, new ink sac, lever replaced

Nib: Waterman's IDEAL New York