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SOLD Aurora Style Honey Mustard with B Stub nib

An Aurora pen made in Italy. Model name: Style. It's a pen with understated elegance in styling. And what a color this is. Reminds me ...


SOLD Platinum #3776 in Grey LE Medium Stub nib

A Platinum #3776 in a very uncommon darker grey color. I believe this is an LE.

Cosmetics: ...


SOLD E. Faber with Green Wire Pattern and Exc. Medium Stub

Eberhard Faber was a company in New York who was founded by the brother of the man who built Faber-Castell in Germany. This pen is older than ...


SOLD Parker Duofold Senior with BB Stub Nib (re-tipped)

The Parker Duofold Senior. A big vintage pen. For lovers of BB Stub, juicy nibs.

Cosmetics: A ...


SOLD Delta "The Journal" Stub Fusion Nib

Something different. A modern pen for a change. A big pen at 5 and 3/8 inches capped and 13mm barrel diameter. Feels so nice in the ...