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SOLD Parker Vacumatic Gold with semiflex parker nib

Parker Vacumatic Gold stripe in Major. The barrel has gone through some ambering so the strips now is closer to the color of honey, which ...


SOLD Parker Vacumatic Azure with a bit of flex

Parker Vacumatic in Azure, standard size with a flawless blue diamond clip. This one has a good Parker nib that can do a bit of flex. It has a ...


SOLD Parker Vacumatic Standard Azure

This is a rather unique Azure Vacumatic. The blue tinge is definitely there, but it's very hard to capture in a photo. A few other Azure Vacs ...


SOLD Parker Duofold Jade Medium nib

Parker Duofold in Jade-like celluloid. This is the classic Parker model that makes Parker one of the most successful fountain pen maker in its ...


SOLD Parker Duofold first "Thrift" model with factore M Stub nib

This is an unusual pen for two reasons. First, after enlisting help from some of the experienced pen collectors, I got the actual model and ...


SOLD Parker Challenger Red Marble with Wiedlich Semiflex

Awesome Semiflex alert! The original Parker nib that came with this gorgeous pen has a crack below the breather hole. I still have something up ...


SOLD Parker Victory Red Marble Flexible Parker Nib

Parker Victory (made in England) with an uncommonly flexible Parker nib. To me, this pen is like a combination of a Parker Challenger and ...


SOLD Parker Duofold Senior with BB Stub Nib (re-tipped)

The Parker Duofold Senior. A big vintage pen. For lovers of BB Stub, juicy nibs.

Cosmetics: A ...


SOLD Parker Challenger Aikin Lambert Flex nib

Another of my most favorite Parker. The Challenger in deep burgundy.

Cosmetics: The burgundy ...


SOLD Parker Vacumatic Azure Original Filler

Another Parker Vacumatics Standard in Azure Pearl stripes.

Cosmetics: Trims nice and complete. ...