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SOLD Delta "Vintage" upgraded with an Eversharp 14K FLEXIBLE

Delta fountain pen, model name "Vintage" which, of course, is not a vintage pen, it's a modern C/C filler originally comes with the usual ...


SOLD Redipoint Gold-rolled with Original Flexible Nib

Redipoint is a manufacturer that made pens for companies to put their brands on. I've encountered two of them and each one has either a ...


SOLD Star Pen Co. BCHR with Flexible Nib

A rare and beautiful BCHR pen from STAR PEN Co. with a nice curved section. The most hilarious part to me is that the pen has "Guaranteed 3 ...


SOLD Swallow with a New Tail and a Flexible Mabie Todd Nib

Swallow is a product from Mabie Todd, the same maker of the popular Swan fountain pens. This one came to me with its tail cut off. I don't know ...


SOLD Parker Victory Red Marble Flexible Parker Nib

Parker Victory (made in England) with an uncommonly flexible Parker nib. To me, this pen is like a combination of a Parker Challenger and ...


SOLD A Big Wahl Pen with Flexible Eversharp nib

It says Wahl Pen on the beautiful roller-clip. It's one of the biggest Wahl I've ever handled.