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SOLD Pilot Vanishing Point Black Gold Fine 14k nib

Pilot Vanishing Point in black and gold trim. A very beefy pen with surprisingly light touch and springy 14K nib. A lot of discussion about ...


SOLD Delta "Vintage" upgraded with an Eversharp 14K FLEXIBLE

Delta fountain pen, model name "Vintage" which, of course, is not a vintage pen, it's a modern C/C filler originally comes with the usual ...


SOLD European Piston-filler with Aikin Lambert Superflex nib

A no-brand name European piston-filler probably somewhat related to Osmia or Kaweco. Large ink capacity with nice greenish ink window. I put a ...


SOLD Eversharp Vacuum Filler with a Crisp Full Flex nib

An uncommon Eversharp vacuum-filler, with a pretty much identical system as the one popularized by Sheaffer. The blind cap that screws out to ...


SOLD Wahl Eversharp Gold Filled super flex with awesome clip

A Wahl Eversharp with the coolest clip shape, check it out! On top of that, also a Gold Filled barrel, section, and cap with chevron-like ...


SOLD Lakeside Wood Grain Ebonite with Flex nib

"Oh Ebonite pens, where have you been in all my life?"

If you have never held a pen made out of ebonite or hard rubber, you're missing one ...


SOLD Inkograph Fountain Pen with semiflex nib

Here's one for you looking for a cool EDC fountain pen.

Inkograph is usually a technical (stylo) pen, not a fountain pen, so this one is ...


SOLD Star Pen Co. BCHR with Flexible Nib

A rare and beautiful BCHR pen from STAR PEN Co. with a nice curved section. The most hilarious part to me is that the pen has "Guaranteed 3 ...


SOLD Rosetta Napoleon with Eversharp nib

I don't know why Rosetta pens are not more popular. The ones I've handled are just high quality. This one is no exception. The Napoleon model is ...


SOLD Sheaffer Imperial TD with Stub Grind

A black Sheaffer Imperial IV which is one of the most famous version of the Imperial line.