SOLD Wahl Eversharp Wood-grain Ebonite Set with Flexible nib

A beautiful set of wood-grain ebonite model from Wahl-Eversharp. The clip design is kinda unique because of its position right very near with the top, so the pen will not be very visible in the pocket. Maybe to accommodate military requirement? The material is awesome, the wood-grain from Wahl pens are some of my favorite. Also the pen is not long, but it's chunky, so it's comfortable for long sessions of writing.

The pencil is a freebie, I don't like to separate them because of the exquisite matching design. Don't ask me if the pencil works or not. I am not a vintage pencil guy :)

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Cosmetics: Wood-grain ebonite is one of my most favorite material for a fountain pen. This one is in quite nice condition. All trims are dandy.

Condition: Restored. I put the biggest ink sac inside. Took out the nib and feed.

Nib: A big Eversharp Gold Seal Signature nib with crisp full-flex ability. See the writing sample.

SOLD European Piston-filler with Aikin Lambert Superflex nib

A no-brand name European piston-filler probably somewhat related to Osmia or Kaweco. Large ink capacity with nice greenish ink window. I put a flex nib to replace the 'blah' steel nib that it came with.

Cosmetics: An elegant pen in black with a nicely ornament-engraved clip. All trims are dandy.

Condition: Came to me restored and I tested it. Took out the nib and upgraded it.

Nib: A flexible Aikin Lambert nib. See the writing sample.

SOLD Ritzie Wood-grain Celluloid with Semiflex Gold Plated nib

You know what they say, there is always the first. For the longest time I always avoid restoring pens whose nib is Gold-Plated steel. Partially because 99% either broke off or bent with the slightest pressure after decades of misuse or abuse. But the nib on this pen is truly special. I actually never seen a nib that says 14K Warranted GOLD PLATE (no 'D' in the end strangely) that behaves better than some true 14K nibs I've seen. The pen itself is a big, girthy wood-grain celluloid pen with the brand Ritzie on the pocket clip. It's a beautiful pen in a very good condition.

Cosmetics: Very pretty in wood grain celluloid. All trims are dandy.

Condition: Restored. Tested, ready to write.

Nib: An XF nib with a nice semiflex ability. See the writing sample.

SOLD No Name Marble Pen with Wahl 2 Superflex nib

It never cease to amaze me, the variety of pen material that was made in the 1920's. Based on the styling, that's how old I estimate this pen to be. A beautiful marble material on a pen that has no name. At least the nib is famous, one of the Wahl no.2 superflex, to be precise.

Cosmetics: Very pretty in tan marble with veins that has different depth. The photo is not bad, but in person, the material is very nice. All trims are dandy.

Condition: Restored. I put the biggest ink sac inside. Replaced the original rusted nib.

Nib: A Wahl no.2 superflex. It can flex a lot, but this nib still behaves nicely when used to sketch or to write normally. See the writing sample.

SOLD Eversharp Vacuum Filler with a Crisp Full Flex nib

An uncommon Eversharp vacuum-filler, with a pretty much identical system as the one popularized by Sheaffer. The blind cap that screws out to reveal a thin rod that acts as a plunger and the ink contained in the barrel itself. This pen is unique and I have never seen anything like this from Eversharp.

Cosmetics: A cool black barrel with some irregular patterns of translucent "patches". None of the experts I asked were sure whether this is original or some black parts flaked off, although the inside of the barrel do not show any signs of that happening. All trims are dandy.

Condition: Restored. I replaced the rubber seal and also put a cork gasket to substitute the old one. Took out the nib and feed.

Nib: An XF Eversharp nib that can produce crisp hairline and XF to BB, so it's a full-flex. See the writing sample.

SOLD Sheaffer SKYBOY with super smooth nib

Meet the SKYBOY. Which is a rare pen today. Instead of the regular Sheaffer engraving, this pen's clip says: SKYBOY. This pen was made slightly before 1940 and was introduced as a pen that is safe to bring in flights.

How so? Because this pen has a special feed that number one, has a lot of fins to collect ink, and it has a tail at the end of the feed that is supposed to help drain the ink that bubbles up to the feed during flight in a low-pressurized airplane cabin in the 30's. NOTE: This pen came to me restored and I didn't feel like opening a perfectly good pen just to see the inside.

It is also a good sketching pen, the XF nib is so smooth and so consistent in ink flow.

Cosmetics: Looks like new in green-striated celluloid. All trims are just spotless and polished.

Condition: It came to me as restored but I will guarantee it nonetheless. Should anything happen to the pen that is not caused by misuse, I'll restore the pen for free for one time.

Nib: An XF Lifetime Sheaffer nib that is just insanely smooth. Usually Sheaffer nibs are smooth, but with a touch of tactile feedback. This one is so smooth, it glides on paper, and it's a thin nib too. See the writing sample.

SOLD Parker Vacumatic Standard Azure

This is a rather unique Azure Vacumatic. The blue tinge is definitely there, but it's very hard to capture in a photo. A few other Azure Vacs I've seen before has a deep blue strips, this one is more like light blue.

Cosmetics: Very clean. All trims buffed out nicely.

Condition: Tested and ready to go.

Nib: I smoothed the nib. It's a Parker F or M nib that is quite sensitive on the type of paper. The writing sample is on Rhodia, on my vintage notepad (whose brand I have no clue), it writes like an M.

SOLD Sheaffer Triumph Lifetime with Wide Band in Carmine Red

This is a Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph. It belongs to the family of pens after the last Balance and going into the Triumph nibbed models in the 1940s. What amazes me about this pen is the extra wide gold band. That band makes this pen so beautiful and its condition is superb. I disassemble the pen, clean it up, and restore the vacuum-filler to its former glory.

Cosmetics: Very pretty in Sheaffer's Carmine Red celluloid. The trims are flawless and I polished that big gold band so it looks stunning.

Condition: Restored. I restored the vacuum filler. Took out the nib and feed.

Nib: An F (fine) nib, with the famous Sheaffer "feedback". See the writing sample.

Here's the pen with cap on to highlight the gorgeous wide band.

SOLD Carter's in Jade with Superflex original INX nib

Carter's pens are high-quality pens from a manufacturer of ink. Carter's didn't start to produce fountain pens until 1920's but what they produce is just high-class pens. For instance, that spiffy-looking clip has a spring mechanism inside the top part that can "sink" into the barrel when the ball is lifted, facilitating easy clip action into your pocket.

Cosmetics: Very nice in jade celluloid with just a band of ink discoloration. All trims are polished and super dandy.

Condition: Restored. Tested and ready to write.

Nib: An XF with ability to superflex to BBB+. See the writing sample.

SOLD Parker Duofold Jade Medium nib

Parker Duofold in Jade-like celluloid. This is the classic Parker model that makes Parker one of the most successful fountain pen maker in its era. A pen that is a very good beginner or intermediate pen for those who just get itno vintage fountain pens.

Cosmetics: Very elegant in jade-like celluloid with acceptable discoloration on the barrel. All trims looks original and are dandy.

Condition: Restored. I put the biggest ink sac inside. Took out the nib and feed.

Nib: An solid M nib that is reliable and smooth. See the writing sample.