SOLD Waterman Thorobred with Superflex IDEAL nib

Waterman Thorobred. A compact model from Waterman probably made in the 1940's with of course, beautiful celluloid. What I don't recall researching is the name itself. Was this somehow named after a racing horse thoroughbred or something else completely different. And of course, one of those famous flexible IDEAL nib accompanies this pen. This one came with unaligned tine, which when I fixed it, it writes in XF but without any pressure to speak of, I can get some line variations going.

Cosmetics: Very pretty in green marble with red veins. There are some pittings on the clip but nothing major.

Condition: Restored. I put the biggest ink sac inside. Clean up the nib and feed.

Nib: A Waterman IDEAL superflex. I adjusted the tines, smooth the nib. See the writing sample.

SOLD Aurora Style Honey Mustard with B Stub nib

An Aurora pen made in Italy. Model name: Style. It's a pen with understated elegance in styling. And what a color this is. Reminds me instantly of a favorite salad dressing here in the Southwest USA called: Honey Mustard :). The pen has a snap-cap, it came with a long converter and a pack of Aurora ink cartridge with black ink.

Cosmetics: Very pretty in orange-yellowish resin. All trims are dandy.

Condition: This pen looks like new.

Nib: The nib is a Broad professionally ground by Mr. Minuskin. See the writing sample.

SOLD Pilot Vanishing Point Black Gold Fine 14k nib

Pilot Vanishing Point in black and gold trim. A very beefy pen with surprisingly light touch and springy 14K nib. A lot of discussion about whether the 18K or 14K is nicer to write with. As a vintage guy, I like 14K nibs better and it maybe just my feeling, but this pen has a nib that is quite special.

Cosmetics: Very handsome in black metal with gold trims. The clip has a scratch, not bad at all, but I'll deduct some off the price because of this.

Condition: Cleaned up, tested. The previous owner left ink inside the pen (who doesn't, really) so I cleaned it all up, and I've been using this pen for a week now.

Nib: A Japanese Fine 14K nib. So nice to write or sketch with. See the writing sample.

SOLD Brandless European Lever Filler

NOTE: This pen is back for sale from a customer return. I made a mistake installing a clear sac that malfunctioned (I no longer use that vendor). The customer graciously tried to install a new sac under my direction but in the end decided to return the pen.

I have since restored this pen again with a regular ink sac (the same type as the ones in my other 100+ sold pens). Red and Grey swirl that is so seamless that it looks like a cloud. Casein is the material. If Acetate Celluloid as found in Parker Vacumatic is flammable, this one will deform if immersed in water for a long period of time.

Cosmetics: Very pretty in red and grey swirl pattern. Subdued and attractive. All trims are dandy. The thin silver-colored cap bands are moveable due to material shrinkage but it's not loose, I could glue it in place, but some people prefer not to have that done, so I just leave it to the buyer's preference.

Condition: Restored. Took out the nib and feed.

Nib: To match this gorgeous pen, I have a perfect size Ingersoll CHI nib. An XF superflex that can ballet its way to BBB. See the writing sample.

SOLD Delta "Vintage" upgraded with an Eversharp 14K FLEXIBLE

Delta fountain pen, model name "Vintage" which, of course, is not a vintage pen, it's a modern C/C filler originally comes with the usual Delta steel nib. What attracted me to this pen is the size, the look and that delicious Chartreuse (I prefer to call it "pistachio") colored marbled material. Going through my workbench, I've tried many vintage nibs on this pen and none of them would produce something that I'm happy with. Either it's too dry, or it drips, or it railroads like crazy, or the nib is just not a good fit no matter how much I wish it. Last week I got this Eversharp FLEXIBLE nib and it's like getting two old friends meet after decades of separation. This nib actually likes the original Delta feed (no gouging, no deepening, no widening, which I loathe to do anyways. Just a lot of adjusting and testing). To ensure ease of ink filling and "priming" when needed, I installed a converter that contain the ink in a bulb type, not the common quasi-piston type.

Cosmetics: Very pretty in marbled resin. All trims are dandy.

Condition: Upgraded the nib and tested it.

Nib: An Eversharp FLEXIBLE 14K with flex. See the writing sample.

SOLD Parker Vacumatic Gold with semiflex parker nib

Parker Vacumatic Gold stripe in Major. The barrel has gone through some ambering so the strips now is closer to the color of honey, which strangely makes it very pretty. I straighten the nib and smooth it so it now writes very nicely.

Cosmetics: Very pretty in honey stripes celluloid. All trims are dandy only the cap band has a few dings. Not bad but they are noticeable.

Condition: Restored and tested. Plunger system ready to rock. Took out the nib and feed.

Nib: I worked on the nib for a while until it writes as it does now. An XF with some flex. See the writing sample.

SOLD Parker Vacumatic Azure with a bit of flex

Parker Vacumatic in Azure, standard size with a flawless blue diamond clip. This one has a good Parker nib that can do a bit of flex. It has a very good barrel clarity. I restored the vacumatic filling system, put in a new diaphragm, all the jazz. #fountainpens #fountainpen #fountainpenrestoration #writingsample #vintagepens #handwriting #vintagerestorations #parker #vacumatic #azure

Cosmetics: The blue stripes are gorgeous, no engraved names, excellent cosmetic condition. All trims are dandy, and the blue diamond on the clip is flawless.

Condition: Restored and tested. New diaphragm for the vacumatic filler.

Nib: An nice and a bit flexy Parker nib in F. See the writing sample.

SOLD Conway Stewart no.388 Pink Burgundy marble with full-flex nib

Conway Stewart produced -- in my mind -- one of the most elegant series of fountain pens. This one is no.388 in a marble material that is just gorgeous. The combination of pink, burgundy and black combined with the simple but attractive trim designs yields a pen that is balanced in all fronts. Including the nib, with the CS 14ct Medium size with a good flexability.

Cosmetics: This pen's condition is superb. The top of the cap which I guess made out of ebonite, has some browning, but it's not noticeable enough. All trims are dandy.

Condition: Restored and tested. Took out the nib and feed and adjusted it.

Nib: A Conway Stewart 14ct M nib with full-flex ability. See the writing sample.

SOLD Swallow by Mabie Todd with MT superflex

Here is something you don't experience often. A flexible nib (F to BB easily) that is glassy smooth. I didn't have to do anything to this nib, it's already smooth in a way you'd expect from a B nib but definitely not from an F flexible nib. The green mottled Swallow (beautiful clip) is a tad longer than 5 inches, nice lever-filler.

Cosmetics: No cracks or chips, just a nice green mottled material. All trims are dandy, and I especially love the clip shape.

Condition: Restored. I put the biggest ink sac inside. Adjusted the nib and feed.

Nib: An F (fine) nib that is a full-flex. But glassy smooth. See the writing sample.

SOLD Sheaffer Military-style Clip Balance Standard in Carmine red

Now this is a cool one, a big standard size Sheaffer Balance in the desirable Carmine Red striped celluloid with the military-style pocket clip. As far as the military-style clip Sheaffers, I've never seen one in this color before. Especially not at this size.

Tags: #fountainpens #fountainpen #fountainpenrestoration #sheaffer #sheafferbalance #carmine #feathertouchnib #writingsample

Cosmetics: Very neat in carmine red celluloid. The celluloid near the cap bottom has shrunk a little so the barrel needs to be guided in before threaded (not a big deal). The clip is not as tight (again, celluloid shrinkage) and the band is missing, but I found a good replacement. After polishing, the trims looks very nice (see photo).

Condition: Restored. I put the biggest ink sac inside. Also did some work on the nib.

Nib: A Sheaffer "Feather Touch" F (fine) nib that is a bit springy (see the line variation above) but this nib is not a flex nib, so don't go overboard. I also smooth the nib so it's now Sheaffer smooth. See the writing sample.