Windy Day (a fountain pen ink test)

Curious as to the difference between watercolor paints vs fountain ink, I doodled this simple sketch that may look like a watercolor painting, but it's done all using fountain pen inks. All is done by brushes except the chair, with a vintage fountain pen.

The inks are:

1. Diamine Kensington Blue (the sky)

2. Montblanc Toffee Brown (the chair and patch of ground)

3. Chesterfield Antique Raven (the grey shadow)

4. R&K Alt GoldGrun (lighted leaves)

5. KWZ Hunter Green (shadowed leaves)

Quaint Street

First time using the "pen and wash" or "line and wash" technique on my fountain pen sketch. This sketch was drawn using a TWSBI Mini pen with Diamine Ancient Copper ink, then washes are applied with the palette consisting of: Ochre Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Vermillion, and Veridian.

The Ancient Copper ink is not waterproof and you can see it bleed a little bit, but because of the color palette, it works nicely and blends into the washes.

Sudd Marshland Villages

First time I use two ink colors. Diamine Ancient Copper and R&K Alt GoldGrun.

This time we travel to Africa. The Sudd Marshland is a vast wetland in South Sudan. Having the Nile as the source, people there live in a network of village "islands" surrounded by narrow water passages between papyrus and hyacinth growth.

View of Shirakawa Village

Dilapidated Workhorse