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News Flash!

Pen Agora (penagora.com) is where you can buy Redeem Pens pens from now on.

Not only that, you can also sell your pens and stationery there.

Basically, Pen Agora wants to be THE place where pen and stationery people can do things like give-away, pay-it-forward, and buy/sell the way we "pen people" do it. So check it out!

Hello from Texas, USA.

My name is Will Gunadi and I'm glad that you have found my Vintage Fountain Pen virtual shop. This is a place where vintage fountain pens are found, restored, and then sent away where they could once again be used to express thoughts with beauty and finesse by their new owners.

Working with vintage pens is never boring because there is no telling what I will end up restoring next.  

I use Pen Agora to sell my pens now, so go to penagora.com to check it out. I have decommission the For Sale page, the Sold Pens page is still there so you can get a feel of the type of restored pens that I have sold to customers, most of whom told me that they like the pens a lot -- which makes me very happy. The Testimonials page is where I post awesome buyers' writing samples from the pens they bought from me.

Oh, and I also like to practice sketching with old (and new) fountain pens. If you like sketches, check out @redeempens on Instagram where I keep track of them.

At any rate, enjoy your visit here!



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